First Look

There have been a lot of youtubers who raved about this product, this über cute product -- the EOS Lip Balm! And of course, I gave in. It was only a couple of bucks, so why not. I had this lip serum that I use every night, and since I'm running out of it, and I can't find it anywhere else for the price I wanted, I'm not really ready to spend $20 for a lip serum that I'm probably going to use for a while, but still, I can't spend that much money on a colorless lip serum.

And then there's EOS lip balm. I chose the scent (because there are no "shades" for these lip balms) Honeysuckle Honeydew. I also chose the one without an SPF since I will be using these during nighttime as well since I like putting on lip balm before I go to sleep.

PS. They spotted Ed Westwick (Chuck from Gossip Girl) applying these in public! See picture below. :D
EOS Lip Balm in Honeysuckle Honeydew