Today's post will be featuring another staple in any girl's wardrobe -- Converse shoes! Even if you only have the basic black color or you have the most outrageous collection of Converse shoes, you can relate to this post. As many of you girls know (or may not know), I'm in love with my Converse shoes! I could sleep in them -- that's how comfortable they are! Now, this post isn't really about Converse shoes because I'm not promoting them, nor they sponsored this post. I just want to share how much you can do with one pair of shoes.

This ensemble features a pink Converse (which I have, of course). Obviously, you will start with the basics. Basic tank top, basic skirt or shorts, and a basic black knee-high socks which you will scrunched down a little bit. Since it's almost summer here in the Mid-Atlantic region, I'm creating looks that are warm-weather friendly.

Once you're done with your basics, we will now go to the fun part: ACCESSORIZING! Oh, I don't know about you, but I looove my accessories! I have lots of them! But of course, with a pair of shoe having a loud color like pink, you could always make it stand out by picking the basic colors for the rest of your wardrobe. But we, fashionistas, do not stop with just one color. Make it three please! With the pink sunglasses and the beaded necklace, I think this look is ready for a spin!

What do you think? Are you going to try out this look? Would you recommend a different kind of accessory to go with the tank top and the skirt? Let me know on the comments below.

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