Two days ago, I was at the mall and browsing through my favorite stores: Banana Republic, PacSun, Macy's, and Forever 21. Upon exiting Forever 21, I noticed three mannequins who have huge bumps on their tummies, then it hit me: Why the hell does Forever 21 sell maternity clothes when its target market are teenagers and consumers in their early 20s? I did some research about this issue, and I'm here to share them with you today.
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In my opinion, it is not acceptable to take advantage of the serious problems most people are facing everyday. Teen reality shows like 16 and Pregnant gives its audience an idea on what it is like to become pregnant at an early age. The show allows the audience to see what these teenagers are going through from breaking the news to their parents to what it's like to become a mother -- the pain, the drama, everything.
Back to the issue with releasing maternity clothes in stores like Forever 21, I think the US government have been working really hard to prevent teen pregnancy. According to pregnantteenhelp.org, in 2008, 3 in 10 girls in the US became pregnant before they reach the age of 20. With stores like Forever 21, where most teenage girls shop, selling maternity clothes, sending a message that it is okay to become pregnant, which is the opposite of what the US government wants to promote, is unsatisfactory. I don't think Forever 21 will do anything about this, it is up to the consumers to decide if they will give in to Forever 21's advocation of teen pregnancy. Let's just hope that teens in this generation are smart enough to make wise decisions.

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