Today's post features on what to wear on a night out. I won't be posting a lot of different sets, but I hope you get the idea. It's almost summer time so I suggest that you pick a lightweight blouse to complement your skinny jeans. Also, wear comfortable shoes, unless you're going clubbing, but there is no rule that says you can't wear flats on the dance floor! If you really want to just have fun with your friends, I suggest a comfortable shoes. I think the ruffles of the blouse and the flower in the flats compliment each other which also makes this look perfect for a date night outfit. Whenever you are going out to eat, I strongly recommend to have a gum or a mint. You'll never know when it will come in handy! ;)

I picked the pink accessories because I think they added more femininity to the whole look. When going out, I like to use clutches so I'm not carrying a huge bag around. Throw in your wallet, cell phone, lip gloss, and gum, you're good to go!

I hope you enjoy this quick fashion post! <3 I will come back later for another series on What To Wear With. xx
One of the best thing about summer is you're able to wear dresses in different colors and lengths. This post features one of what I think should be on the top list of your summer staples -- sundresses. I don't think I'm going to elaborate on this summer staple since sundresses are effortlessly chic. But I will say this: make sure the fabric is the main decision factor. You don't want those crisp cotton fabrics because they are not comfortable. I would recommend the jersey-type fabrics for dresses or something similar that's lightweight and breathable. Since it will be hot during the summer, you should pick dresses that are comfortable. As much as possible, avoid polyester and synthetic fabrics. Another decision factor is length. This will depend on your taste. If you want a maxi dress, no one's going to stop you. Make sure the hem hits right below your ankle. If you happen to find a dress that's a little longer than what you want, it's time to pull those platform sandals you've been hiding all winter long. As for the regular length sundresses, it's up to you on where you want to hit the hemline -- you could do above or below the knee -- it's totally up to you.

I hope you will enjoy some of the sundresses I featured below.
So, what do you think? Would you prefer a maxi sundress or the short ones? Is this your favorite summer staple? Let me know on the comments below! :)
This is a new series here at Fashiometics. I know, I know -- there have been a lot of fashion series that I've been posting since I started this blog, but not to worry, I will continue doing those. Today's featured trend is paper bag shorts. What are they and where can you get them? The one featured above in this post is by H&M and they're only $9.95. Yes, $9.95!  I'm actually doing this post because I just bought it a few days ago, and I am completely in love with it. I have it in hot pink, and I'm actually going back tomorrow to buy it in whatever color they have left in the store. These shorts are also available in other stores like the Gap and Banana Republic.

Paper bag shorts are great for the summertime because they are versatile. You can dress them up with cute sandals, or dress them down with flip flops -- your choice. Although, I wouldn't recommend these with heels, but if you happen to like paper bag shorts with heels, no one is stopping you. I, personally, just wouldn't pair these with heels since they have a very laid-back effect. These shorts are great for just hanging out, and they usually come in different colors -- mostly khaki. Bright colored paper bag shorts are great for color blocking; they are great alternative for skirts. I've created 3 different sets below with these H&M paper bag shorts; I hope you enjoy them! :)
This first set is a great example on how to color block using the featured H&M's paper bag short. Since the colors of the top and the shorts are bright, you could choose neutral accessories. The black skinny belt is perfect to finish the look, while the white thong sandals gives this ensemble a cute vibe. I would suggest picking a pastel clutch or handbag, since it leans on the neutral side. 
This next set features the exact same H&M shorts but in a different color. Since it's still spring, I've decided to pair it with a floral racerback tank top. I paired this look with a pair of mint-colored flats. I chose accessories with bows like the shoulder bag and the fedora to give it more of a feminine touch. Then, I finished the look with some woven bracelets for added colors. I think each piece in this look contrasts with one another. The short being laid back was paired with a floral top; the straw hat and the chained bag contradict one another; and the bracelets clash with the monotone shoes. 
Last, but most certainly not the least: using H&M's short for a minimalist look. Again, this look features the color block trend, though not as vivid as the first set. Obviously, I usually go with neutral accessories whenever I'm wearing something bright. I like how the messenger bag gives this look a subtle flirty vibe, while the Vans sneakers gives complements the laid-back style of the shorts.
So, what do you think? Do you own a pair of paper bag shorts? Are you thinking of buying one? Let me know in the comments below! :)

Hello. I know, I know. I'm sorry I've been gone for a while; it's just I'm busy with school, and it's finals week. I'm excited with a lot of things! Today, I'm going to do a different post.

Here are the 7 things I love about summer:

1. Dresses - Oh em gee! Yes, I am able to wear dresses! I have prepared my sundresses on the first day of spring! The days get lovelier and lovelier, and I cannot wait to wear them all.

2. Bubble Tea - I'm not sure if you know anything about this tasty drink. They are those drink with tapioca (black bubbles) on the bottom. These are amazing! I have one favorite bubble tea place here in my city, so if you don't know if you have one near yours, just go to yelp.com and check! :)

3. Flip Flops - Of course these are a must have for me! I have 10 of them to be exact -- different colors and brands. These are great when you are just running errands or hanging out with your friends. They are very comfortable, too.

4. Sunglasses - Definitely a summer staple! I do not go anywhere without my sunglasses. They are cute, sexy, and they protect your eyes, what more do you want?

5.Shorts - I don't know about you, but what I don't like about winter are those pants/jeans that I have to wear because of the cold weather. Shorts are great because they let your legs breathe and you feel more relaxed.

6. Fruits - I don't only love the fashion trends during the summer season, but I also love the foods, and fruits are most definitely not an exception.

7. Beach - Enough said.

Summer is the time to relax and have fun. Even if you're spending your whole summer trapped at work or at home, make sure to make the best of it! :) And do not forget the sunblock! Have fun! xx

The set below is my interpretation of summer fun! I hope you like it. <3
So what do you think? What are included in your list? Are you doing anything special this summer? Let me know on the comments below! :)
Define investment. Dictionary.com defines it as "the investing  of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value." Now answer this question: how many times have you heard or read, "Buying this is definitely an investment."? I have heard it many many times. What does that statement really mean? I've been studying financial management for 4 months now, and we've talked about investments: how much will be your expected return in n years, how to decide where you're going to invest your money, and calculating the risk of your return.

How are these related with us consumers? Simple. Every year, we spend a lot of money with clothing and/or accessories that we say are "investments": designer bags, an expensive LBD (Little Black Dress), cashmere sweaters, or wool coats. People say and believe, "this will be an investment." Let's face it, buying that Chanel bag or a Christian Louboutin shoe is not really an investment -- literally -- because it does not give you anything in return -- well, maybe a few envious look from your fellow fashionistas, but that's about it. We all know once you buy an item (e.g. car, laptop, or a dress) its value depreciates over time with the exception of stocks and bonds. Where did you see a merchandise increase its value after the owner used it?

In my opinion, using a keyword like "investment" is a marketing ploy to attract customers to buy their merchandise. I also think that the word "investment" could translate to the "cost-per-wear" attitude of the consumers. We, sometimes, calculate if one thing is worth it based on how many times we are going to use it. The cost-per-wear calculation only means that that huge purchase will be worth it in the end, but that does not guarantee a return on the money you spent initially; it only gives you an inside relief that you accumulated the cost of an item by using it everyday.

I am not, in any means, targeting any of the marketing or advertising people out there. I think in today's economy we, as consumers, should be more intelligent in choosing where and how we invest our money. We all know how hard it is to earn them, I suggest you splurge a little bit, but make sure every penny of it will be worth it.
I admit: cropped tops are one of my favorite summer staples, and I've been seeing a lot of these at the mall. I have a lot of these! These are very casual and great for days at the beach or whenever you're hanging out with your friends by the pool.

When creating a look with a cropped top, I think you are better off with high-waisted pants, skirts, and shorts. If you want to pair it with a low-waist short, you can layer a tank top underneath. These are also great if you want to layer it under a fitted dress or a basic maxi dress. There are numerous styles and prints when it comes to cropped tops: there are the basic loose cropped tee and basic cropped tank top, and the ones that you tie by the waist to cinched it up. If you're dealing with a cropped top with lots of fabric, you could always tuck the front.
I think cropped tops are pretty straight forward. You either like them or you don't. So what do you think? Are you going to try this trend? How would you create a look with a cropped top? Let me know on the comments below! :)
Two days ago, I was at the mall and browsing through my favorite stores: Banana Republic, PacSun, Macy's, and Forever 21. Upon exiting Forever 21, I noticed three mannequins who have huge bumps on their tummies, then it hit me: Why the hell does Forever 21 sell maternity clothes when its target market are teenagers and consumers in their early 20s? I did some research about this issue, and I'm here to share them with you today.
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In my opinion, it is not acceptable to take advantage of the serious problems most people are facing everyday. Teen reality shows like 16 and Pregnant gives its audience an idea on what it is like to become pregnant at an early age. The show allows the audience to see what these teenagers are going through from breaking the news to their parents to what it's like to become a mother -- the pain, the drama, everything.
Back to the issue with releasing maternity clothes in stores like Forever 21, I think the US government have been working really hard to prevent teen pregnancy. According to pregnantteenhelp.org, in 2008, 3 in 10 girls in the US became pregnant before they reach the age of 20. With stores like Forever 21, where most teenage girls shop, selling maternity clothes, sending a message that it is okay to become pregnant, which is the opposite of what the US government wants to promote, is unsatisfactory. I don't think Forever 21 will do anything about this, it is up to the consumers to decide if they will give in to Forever 21's advocation of teen pregnancy. Let's just hope that teens in this generation are smart enough to make wise decisions.

What do you think of this issue? Is it satisfactory? Share your thoughts or concerns in the comments below!
Now that we're in the middle of spring, summer is just around the corner. It's not too late to create a shopping guide that could give you ideas when shopping either with your friends, parents or by yourself. Today's post will be on how to find your perfect pair of shorts.
Where to Buy: I would recommend checking discount stores first before hitting the mall. If you have a lot of time, stores like TJMaxx, Marshalls, and Ross gives you numerous options without breaking your bank. If you like shopping at the mall, definitely check out Old Navy and Gap. If you're a teenager or in your 20s, check out stores like PacSun, American Eagle, and Hollister.
Styles to Look For: Choose from styles like paper bag, neon-colored, high-waisted, cotton with floral prints, and the basic denim shorts. Any of these are great for summer especially the cotton with floral prints. You can dress them up or down depending on where and how you are going to wear them. I suggest cropped tees for high-waisted shorts or you can tuck a semi-fitted top on a paper bag short. Anything goes with a basic denim shorts; those are my favorite because they are versatile -- just make sure they are not too short.
Price Range: I think this depends on you. I, sometimes, score a pair of shorts for less than $10. I would say spend less than $50, and I'll say the average price of a pair of shorts would be around $30. If you think you will use it for a couple of summers, go ahead and splurge, otherwise, you can always buy another pair next year!
Make sure you know what you like: do you like short shorts or are you a little more conservative? Do you like bright colors or are you going to stay with a neutral color? Also, check the materials used. Are you really going to pay $50 for a pair of shorts that's made of cheap polyester? No, I don't think so. I have a few suggestions below where you can see many pairs of shorts in different styles and colors.
So there you have it! I will post more shopping guide soon! So what do you think? Are you going to check out discount stores? Do you shop at discount stores? Where do you get your shorts? Let me know on the comments below! :)
I'm back with my another summer staple series. For this post, I will focus on beach bags. There are several different choices on what your beach bag should look like. For the set I've created, I chose a straw bag, a nautical-themed bag, a bright-colored bag, and a floral bag. You could choose any of those, but if you were to ask me which one I will choose, I will go with a bright-colored tote bag just because I think it's fun. Bright colors, especially yellow, remind me of the hot summer days I spent at the beach with my friends last summer, and this summer isn't going to be an exception.

When buying a beach bag, make sure you will consider the following:
* Price - Since you will use this bag during the summer, do you really need an expensive one? Ask yourself that question, then decide.
* Size - You have to remember that this bag will carry your stuffs that you will need on the beach. Towels, change of clothes and/or cover-up dresses, sunscreen, mp3 player, a good book, water, and after-sun soothing lotion. You have to have a bag that's big enough to carry all the things I mentioned above.
* Material Type - We don't want leather bags on the beach, ladies. Would you bring you designer handbags just to be covered in sand? No, I don't think so.

As for me, I already have a beach bag. Since I spent my winter and spring break at home, I'm suuuuper excited to go on a vacation this summer! Until my next summer staple series!
What are your plans this summer? Do you already have a beach bag? Are you excited to go on a vacation? Let me know on the comments below! :)
Today's post will be featuring another staple in any girl's wardrobe -- Converse shoes! Even if you only have the basic black color or you have the most outrageous collection of Converse shoes, you can relate to this post. As many of you girls know (or may not know), I'm in love with my Converse shoes! I could sleep in them -- that's how comfortable they are! Now, this post isn't really about Converse shoes because I'm not promoting them, nor they sponsored this post. I just want to share how much you can do with one pair of shoes.

This ensemble features a pink Converse (which I have, of course). Obviously, you will start with the basics. Basic tank top, basic skirt or shorts, and a basic black knee-high socks which you will scrunched down a little bit. Since it's almost summer here in the Mid-Atlantic region, I'm creating looks that are warm-weather friendly.

Once you're done with your basics, we will now go to the fun part: ACCESSORIZING! Oh, I don't know about you, but I looove my accessories! I have lots of them! But of course, with a pair of shoe having a loud color like pink, you could always make it stand out by picking the basic colors for the rest of your wardrobe. But we, fashionistas, do not stop with just one color. Make it three please! With the pink sunglasses and the beaded necklace, I think this look is ready for a spin!

What do you think? Are you going to try out this look? Would you recommend a different kind of accessory to go with the tank top and the skirt? Let me know on the comments below.