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One of the many trends this spring is color blocking. I love this trend because you have the opportunity to mix different colors together and create a look that's unique. At first, I was thinking of doing this set with an office look, but it's almost summer, and everybody's looking forward for a break (or at least I am). You could still do the basic orange top with a pink skirt for the office -- just add a blazer, and ta-da, you're done!

I picked the straw bag because I think it tones down the sophisticated combination of the blouse and the skirt. Since you often find these ensembles at the office, and I think having a straw bag makes this look a little bit more laid back. I finished the look with a 3-tier necklace.

So here is my color block version for this spring. I hope you like it!

5/1/2011 05:19:05

i love this set. the hot pink bandage skirt makes the whole outfit standout. toned-down accessories work best with color blocking. good job! :)

5/1/2011 13:52:25

Hi Pink Margarita,

I know! I loooove that pink skirt! :) Thanks for stopping by.

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