I'm back with my another summer staple series. For this post, I will focus on beach bags. There are several different choices on what your beach bag should look like. For the set I've created, I chose a straw bag, a nautical-themed bag, a bright-colored bag, and a floral bag. You could choose any of those, but if you were to ask me which one I will choose, I will go with a bright-colored tote bag just because I think it's fun. Bright colors, especially yellow, remind me of the hot summer days I spent at the beach with my friends last summer, and this summer isn't going to be an exception.

When buying a beach bag, make sure you will consider the following:
* Price - Since you will use this bag during the summer, do you really need an expensive one? Ask yourself that question, then decide.
* Size - You have to remember that this bag will carry your stuffs that you will need on the beach. Towels, change of clothes and/or cover-up dresses, sunscreen, mp3 player, a good book, water, and after-sun soothing lotion. You have to have a bag that's big enough to carry all the things I mentioned above.
* Material Type - We don't want leather bags on the beach, ladies. Would you bring you designer handbags just to be covered in sand? No, I don't think so.

As for me, I already have a beach bag. Since I spent my winter and spring break at home, I'm suuuuper excited to go on a vacation this summer! Until my next summer staple series!
What are your plans this summer? Do you already have a beach bag? Are you excited to go on a vacation? Let me know on the comments below! :)
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